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Please excuse my mind

In lost, wednesday woes, wordless on August 19, 2009 at 6:15 am






prompted by wordless wednesday

  1. i should try this wordless thingy too :p

  2. Someone once said a heart must be broken to get inside. Happy WW

  3. I love this concept of wordless wednesday, I can’t help but admire each and every one of them.

    Are they photographed by you?
    Is this WW concept your own? or? excuse my ignorance:/

    Keep’em coming, they’re inspirational🙂

    • hey Shahrazad…
      welcome back🙂
      nope there is a link provided in the post🙂 you can check it out!

      it really is tempting every thursday😀
      you should give it a go!

      thank you for the comments🙂

  4. Absolutely lovely!

  5. A really nice collection of thoughts. Loved the photos, too!
    Happy WW!

  6. great quotes – it’s like we need all the trials to get us through our life . . . later in life, the trials won’t seem important at all.

  7. Lovely photos and quotes!😀

  8. Somebody broke your heart? If so, hope your heart heals very soon.

  9. Thanks for checking out my entry.

    But was that sarcasm after the “wow”?

  10. Well matched thoughts with the shots!

  11. Great quotes and great pictures.🙂

  12. Great pics, and love the quotes!

  13. Those are beautiful!😀

  14. i liked fourth and fifth the best!!!

  15. The message in last pic is superb

  16. I can see words😉

    Very nice lines …🙂

  17. Not exactly wordless, but beautiful nevertheless! 🙂

    My favorite would be the first one; I am trying to consciously make an effort to just sit back and enjoy (and be grateful) for what I have.

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