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Alive and Well Alhamdulilah!

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and my hands full!🙂

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What Difference a Day Makes?

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I have been waiting to be inspired to write in the longest time. My sisters have been kind enough to lend me the pc today – so here I go head on with Sunday Scribblings. What a difference a day makes is a song by Dinah Washington

A Day for me, makes every difference that a minute or an hour would too.

A Day has 24 hours, 24×60 minutes, 24x60x60 seconds, and pouring opportunities from every hole. Everything up to this point has served as perfect preparation for the day, minute, hour that is now in my grasp. It is up to me to make it all count for something truly great. A Day when it all makes a Difference is how I see the prompt for this week.

“Today, life begins anew. Today, I am blessed with fresh, new opportunity.”

All my mistakes are behind me, and I’ve learned much from each one. All my experiences are still with me, and I can use it in innovative new ways. What took me years to realize could be accomplished in a day. I just need to put my mind and heart to it. A new beginning is the difference of my Today? If today I seek to go forth, I begin on accomplishment and hence make the difference that I ve been waiting to make in ages. It doesn’t have to change the whole of me but it can change how I view me and the rest of them who follow me.

I chose to give up on expectations, from friends and those who posed to be caring enough to lead me to an opening. It is the realization I sought and I got and a week ago when I sat at a table of some university friends, I realized how much I had changed, for the better. They all seemed to be stuck in their time frames, unwilling to move forward, that couple of hours spent with them opened up new doors for me. I didn’t want to keep them with me in the long run. They aren’t friends, I should have realized, but it wasn’t until then that we had sat together that way and had a normal conversation. Their abnormality showed and it made me sulk – just enough to make me move forth. One day makes a whole lot of difference, whether small or big – a day can mend your ways and break you too – a day is big enough to engulf the whole of you.

A meeting which was supposed to go into my history as a day ‘to be remembered’ now stands as a day where I can tell the difference between friends and so called – from love and like and from lies and humor – yes a day makes a difference – every day makes one – and then I say a little prayer and look on life ahead🙂

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